Meet the 2018 Board Members Nominees

President Nominees

For President - Jim Restemayer
Currently, I am your NDEMSA President. 
I would ask for your support for the position of President of the North Dakota EMS Association.  I have been President since April 2016 and immediately prior to that term served as the Vice-President for 5 years for the NDEMSA.  I believe the next 2 years will an exciting time for EMS in ND!  The NDEMSA is involved in many EMS projects throughout the state.  We will continue to meet the goals established to help EMS grow in North Dakota and be looking to the future, as EMS continues to evolve.
I have been in EMS since 1986.  Volunteering as an ECT, then an EMT, Intermediate, and now Paramedic.  For the past 22 years I have worked for Walsh County Emergency Medical Services as an intercept Paramedic and EMS Educator.  I am also the Executive Director for the Valley Ambulance & Rescue Service in Grafton, ND for the last 14 years.  During that time I have had the opportunity to work with many tremendous providers at every level and am eternally grateful for the service and dedication of our responders in North Dakota.  
I have been on the ND EMS Association Board of Directors since 1999.  Spending about 12 years as a NE Director before I was elected to the position of Vice-President and then President.  I have served on many committees within the NDEMSA Board as well as serving on other statewide boards and associations representing the interests of EMS Providers.  I am married to Stacey, an EMT and a tremendous supporter of ND EMS, and four children Jessalyn, Logan, Breanna, and Brandon.
I have truly enjoyed my involvement on the NDEMSA board and look forward to serving you with 2 more years as the ND EMS Association President.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the April EMS Rendezvous in Bismarck!


Jim Restemayer

Secretary/Treasurer Nominees

My name is Jeri Warrenburg and I would appreciate your vote for Secretary/Treasurer of the NDEMSA.  I have been the Secretary/Treasurer for the past year and would like to continue to serve in this position.  I have been on the NDEMSA Board for 3 years, I am Chair of the Marketing/Membership Committee and I have organized the Silent Auction for the past several years.

 I became an EMT in 1999 and a Paramedic in 2008.  I have been the EMS Director for Grenora Ambulance Service since 2011.  I enjoy teaching ACLS, PALS, EVOC, BLS and EMT classes in our area.

I am married to Don and we live in Rugby ND.  I enjoy quilting, camping, fishing, boating and riding motorcycle and snowmobiling. 

The future of ND EMS is exciting and I would like to continue to help ND move forward.  I would be honored to continue as your NDEMSA Secretary/Treasurer.

NW Board of Directors Nominees

Hi, my name is Diane Witteman and I am running as a candidate for a NW Regional Director position for the NDEMS Association.  I have been on the NW Region Board since 2011 and would appreciate your vote to continue representing this region.  As an EMT and the current Operations Manager for the Mohall Ambulance Service, I have been involved with EMS since 1994.  April 1, 2018 I will begin a new chapter in my life as I will be retiring as the Operations Manager for the ambulance service but I intend to continue being active with the ambulance service and EMS in North Dakota.  Many things have changed in EMS since 1994, including changes in patient care as well as changes in how we do business as an ambulance service.  I encourage and appreciate your vote for my experience as an ambulance service member and a NW Region Director.

NE Board of Directors Nominees

   My name is Jan Samson from Cavalier, ND.  I am a paramedic for Cavalier Ambulance Service and also the Pembina County EMS Education and Cavalier Ambulance/PCEMS Education training center coordinator.

   Who am I?  I am just like you. I am a mother of 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I am a grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter. Other than with my family, my favorite place to be is in the back of an ambulance. The second favorite place is teaching someone to care for patients in the ambulance. I truly enjoy EMS and spend much of my free time involved with EMS projects and studying the new treatments, protocols and ideas that improve patient care.

   I ride with an ALS ambulance service in rural North Dakota. We have the same problems and issues as any rural service. The number of volunteers and members is number one of course, then how do you keep your members active? How do we make it more convenient for our members to get their continuing education with minimal cost? How do we stop burn out? There are so many more questions that sometimes are just unique to your service area.  Do I have the answers? No.  But I will continue to work on it and try new ideas. Some work well, others may not. I am willing to listen to your questions and ideas, and I am always willing to share those that have worked for us.

   I am happy to be a part of the NE region and I am very proud to be a member of North Dakota EMS. I believe that ND EMS will always strive to stay on top, be a good example and keep patient care number one.

   I am honored to have served the last 2 years as NE Regional Director for the NDEMSA and would appreciate your vote in the 2018 election. 

Nancy Thompson, NRAEMT

I am currently the training officer for Larimore Ambulance and Rescue Service.  One of my main responsibilities entail providing and scheduling training sessions following the ambulance and rescue service and always invite Larimore Fire and surrounding community for collaboration.  I began my career in EMS as a volunteer with Larimore in February 2002, became the training officer in November 2005 and started working full time for the service in September 2012. 

I enjoy EMS Education and a North Dakota Instructor Coordinator, the American Heart Association and Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization.  I strive to educate the community in CPR AED and First Aid with recently starting a Babysitter Lessons and Safety Training course and setting up an education center in Larimore.  Other programs I work with are the medical alert dialer system and the AED program for the communities we serve.

My husband Josh and I have four children Kyle and Samantha (both 2 ½ years) Whitney (1 year) and Abigail (newborn).  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hunting big game and birds with my two hunting dogs, fishing, and just about anything outdoors. 

SW Board of Directors Nominees

I, Suzan J. Hanson, would like to submit my nomination for one of the SW Director positions.

I am currently the SW President.  I do not know how many years I have been on the ND EMS Board. 

I have been an EMS provider for 26 years and would not change a thing.  Currently I am working with Bowman, Hettinger, Killdeer and Mott.  I fill in as needed in New England and Regent thru REMSA.

I live in Hettinger and have my own chiropractic office for 29 years. 

My hobbies, when I have time, include quilting, reading, and crafts.

I would greatly appreciate your vote for re-election for 2 more years.

Tyler Kientopf

Hello, my name is Tyler Kientopf and I am running to become a NDEMSA Southwest Regional Director. I currently work full-time for Sanford Health in Bismarck as the Lead EMS Educator. In addition to my full-time job, I also work for Bowman and Standing Rock Ambulance on an as needed basis as well as assist ambulance services in SW North Dakota through REMSA based in Dickinson. I currently reside in Bismarck after moving here from Sioux Falls, SD in 2011. I started my EMS career as an EMT at my local volunteer ambulance in Garretson, SD in 2006. I became a Paramedic in 2009 after graduating from the Avera McKennan School of EMS, and have enjoyed being a part of many rural and urban EMS systems in the Dakotas.

I am married and have three children, Nick (11), Nora (7), and Graham (2). I enjoy traveling with my family, and taking the time to experience new things with them. I also enjoy riding bicycle, walking, and volunteering through my church.

It is clear that EMS plays a vital role in the lives of the people that we serve, especially those in our rural settings. If elected I want to ensure North Dakota develops a sustainable model for EMS, as well as help EMS professionals, like yourselves, to continue providing superior care in the most effective manner possible to the residents and visitors of North Dakota. 

SE Board of Directors Nominees

Hello. My name is Loretta Haas and I am asking to be reelected as your director for the Southeast Region.

I went to college at UND for premed, but soon discovered this wasn’t for me.  I graduated with an elementary / middle school education degree in 1992.  I loved my job as an educator of my students, but there was still a yearning to help in medicine.  While teaching in the Bowdon area, I was asked to be on the Bowdon Ambulance Service.  I received my EMT training from Harvey ambulance squad and was certified in 1998.  I was part of the Bowdon Ambulance before moving to Napoleon. Having served on two small services, I see the importance of rural EMS services and promote them as often as I can.  At the school, I assist with teaching CPR and first aid to our freshmen health class and assist with renewals.

While serving as a Southeast Director, I have served on an awards committee and helped with Response Time layout and articles. During the annual conference, I help Corrie with registration and am Corrie’s designated helper. I have enjoyed my time as a director and I am excited to see the NDEMSA keep moving forward.

I have been married for 16 years to my husband Kyle and we have five children: twins Payton and Charmaine (14), McKenzie (13), Sabrina (10) and Felicia (7).  I spend my free time attending their sporting events as an on-call EMT for football, volleyball, basketball, golf, track, and archery.  I also like to take time to teach them life skills like cooking, baking, sewing, needlework, macramé, and other crafting skill.  There is no dull moment in our household.  My children know that when the tones sound, Mom needs to help someone in need. I would appreciate your vote to continue as your Southeast Director.

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