North Dakota EMS Association 


                                                                                     EMR Course

The online EMR course is a 10 week course offered to give the students the flexibility of taking an EMS class without having to sit in a classroom for 2-3 hrs twice a week. Students will be given a textbook and have access to an online lab. Sponsors (fire/ambulance services) will be guiding the students through the skills portion. Students will be require do the assigned reading and assignments which will include quizzes. The Association will host a Psychometric exam at the NW and SE Regional conferences. Students who successfully complete course will be eligible for a $200 reimbursement from the ND Department of Health Division of Emergency Medical Systems. They will also be eligible for a one year free membership with the ND EMS Association. 

Contact Randal Severson for more information. 

Begin Class Date- October 29th

End Date January 5th

Deadline for Registration is October 14th. 

Cost 600.00.

Register Here or for the Invoice Option Contact the Office

Skill Sheets

PT Assessment Medical

PT Assessment Trauma

Cardiac Arrest AED

O2 Administration by Non- Rebreather Mask

BVM Ventilation of an Apneic Adult PT

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