North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association


2021 Annual Meeting

April 10, 2021 | 3:45 pm (CST) Virtual  

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Call to order– Kelly Dollinger

Roll call – Suzan Hanson

Announcements– Kelly Dollinger-

Approval of the 2020 annual meeting minutes – Kelly Dollinger

New Business

Welcome– Kelly Dollinger

Welcome New Board Member – Kelly Dollinger

Thank Outgoing Board Members

Committee Reports

Advocacy – Adam Parker

Awards – Bill Tuttle

Foundation- Mark Haugen

Budget and Finance – Suzan Hanson

Constitution and Resolution – Jason Eblen

EMSAC- Curt Halmrast

Nominations/Elections – Suzan H.

Marketing/ Publications – Tyler K.

Service Directors – Lynn Hartman and Tom Engen

Conference- Cheryl Flick

Appointee Reports – Ron Lawler (Education) Fire- Kelly Dollinger

Regional Advisor Reports –Lynn Hartman

HRSA Grant- Lindsey Narloch

Region Reports

Southwest- Tyler Keintopf

Southeast- Jason Eblen

Northeast- Bill Tuttle

Northwest- Tami Petersen Ness


North Dakota EMS Association

1622 East Interstate Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58503


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