North Dakota EMS Association 

NREMT National Continued Competency 

The North Dakota EMS Association has assembled various resources to help you navigate the NCCP.  This is no longer a pilot project.  These items below were obtained from the National Registry NCCP Recertification website.

Below are a number of PDF training guides.

2016 National Component

 NCCR Provider Booklet

(This booklet is from 2013 and a very good resource.  Most information however is contained in the Training Officer Guide.)

2. Training Officer Guide

3. EMT Education Guide

4. EMR Recertification Hours

5. Paramedic Education Guide

6. Standardized Courses NCCR Hour Allowance



Visit the DEMST website as a resource for:

* ND EMR personnel

* Non-NREMT personnel and AFAA personnel

* Training guides

* NREMT staff contacts

Visit the NREMT website as a resource for:

* Account log-in problems

* Various recertification questions


Keep in mind that only 1/3 or 33% of your hours can be received through Distributive Education (DE), 2/3 of your hours in the LCCR category and no limitation in the ICCR category, however, an individual may not use the same course more than once in a registration cycle. 

DE is an educational activity in which the learner, the instructor, and the educational materials are not all present in the same place at the same time. Examples are the Internet, via CD ROM or video, or through reading journal articles or listening to audio tapes.  Consult the latest Training Officer Guide for updated information.  This guide and several other resources are found on the NREMT NCCP Recertification website.

Provider Level NCCR Distrib. Ed. Maximum LCCR Distrib. Ed. Maximum ICCR Distrib. Ed. Maximum
 EMR33% of 8 = 3 hours
66% of 4 = 3 hours
Unlimited = 4 hours
 EMT 33% of 20 = 7 hours
66% of 10 = 7 hours
Unlimited = 10 hours
 AEMT 33% of 25 = 8 hours
66% of 12.5 = 8 hours
Unlimited = 12.5 hours
 Paramedic 33% of 30 = 10 hours 66% of 15 = 10 hours
Unlimited = 15 hours

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