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Oil Impacted EMS

In June 2011 a group of ambulance service managers, directors and leaders met to discuss the impact of oil and gas production and the new challenges threatening the industry.  It was apparent to them that EMS was in dire need of outside assistance and that action needed to be taken immediately.
The group of leaders set out to develop an organization that could become the resource for oil impacted EMS agencies, a place to turn for education, equipment, guidance, planning and a variety of other needs.
In September those leaders incorporated Oil Impacted Emergency Medical Services (OIEMS), a North Dakota not-for-profit corporation, to provide assistance to EMS agencies impacted by oil and gas production.  The organization was founded with the help of the North Dakota EMS Association (NDEMSA) and is currently operating as a partner of NDEMSA.
The future activities of OIEMS will be focused around the four organizational cornerstones:
  1. Providing charitable support to EMS agencies,
  2. Connecting EMS agencies to additional resources,
  3. Continuous assessment and comprehensive planning and
  4. Increasing public awareness and garnering prevalent public support.


Meeting Schedule

The next meeting will be held on March 18th at 6:30pm (Mountain Time) via Go To Meeting.

Please contact NDEMSA if you would like more meeting information.

The February 18, 2015 meeting minutes- here


EMS Funding for Oil Producing and Impacted Services

The North Dakota EMS Association and Oil Impacted EMS Incorporated working together have obtained significant funding for EMS agencies in the oil impacted region of North Dakota.  In the November 2011 special session working together the oil impacted region received an allocation of $30 million to the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Program.  Of that amount nearly $6 million was allocated to EMS agencies in the EIIO grant funding in 2012.  In the 2013 Legislature House Bill 1358 passed with great support on both sides of the aisle.  This bill allocated $7 million for EMS, $3.5 million for Fire, and $7 million for Law Enforcement.  This funding is directed to the EIIO to disperse in future Energy Impact grant rounds to EMS agencies in the oil producing region. 

Here is direct language from HB 1358 in regards to EMS funding:

"$7,000,000, or so much of the sum as may be necessary, for grants to emergency medical services providers for an extraordinary expenditure that would mitigate negative effects of oil
development impact affecting emergency medical services providers providing service in oil-producing counties, including need for increased emergency medical services providers
services, staff, funding, equipment, coverage, and personnel training. The director of the energy infrastructure and impact office may develop grant procedures and requirements necessary for distribution of grants under this subsection."

Click here for the EIIO website for the Energy Grant application and details.  The last EMS grant round was on September 30, 2013.  It is unclear when the next grant round will be announced.


OIEMS, Inc. Board of Directors

Brandon Gosch, President  Open Position, Vice President
Ann Hafner, Secretary Open Position, Treasurer
Benji Kitigawa Denise Brew
Kari Enget
Open Position

NDEMSA Representative ~ Lynn Hartman

Administrative Support ~ Corrie Geurts & Curt Halmrast, NDEMSA

Bylaws of Oil Impacted EMS, Inc.

Policies & Procedures of Oil Impacted EMS, Inc.

1622 East Interstate Avenue - Bismarck, North Dakota 58503 - 701.221.0567

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