North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association

SLII® Concepts-Four Hour Class
Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

Registration cutoff is January 19th, 2022

10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm  (with an hour break for lunch)

$100.00 Member
$125.00 Nonmember

Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is the world’s most taught leadership model—because it works! The foundation of SLII lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person, team, and the situation.

It is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical method of effectively managing and developing people, time, and resources in the world.

SLII is a model and a set of tools for opening up communication and helping others develop self-reliance. It is designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development between managers/trainers and the people they work with so that competence is developed, commitment is gained, and talented individuals are retained.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals in leadership/training roles, including executives and managers at all levels

Participants Learn To:

  • Diagnose the development levels of their employees and choose the appropriate leadership style
  • Increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development between themselves and their direct reports
  • Create a communication model for all levels of the organization to support cultural change and move toward a high-performance organization
  • Become flexible leaders/trainers who are highly skilled at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening, feedback and proactive problem solving
  • Increase individual and organizational accountability by linking goals and planned intentions to an action plan
  • In addition to learning about SLII, students respond to a 20 situation/question instrument to learn about their natural leadership style; and how, when and what they can do to be a more effective Situational Leader

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