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Telehealth in EMS – SS4A Grant

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We have recently been approached with an opportunity to pursue a federal grant through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Safe Streets for All (SS4A) program. This federal grant provides an opportunity for EMS services to apply for projects aimed at improving patient outcomes from injuries sustained in highway transportation incidents. The ND EMS Association is coordinating a state-wide application between interested government-based services with the intention of partnering with Avel eCare to implement telehealth services for EMS. Eligible organizations must be part of a government-based services such as an independent taxing district or owned and operated by a city or county government entity. It is a pioneering opportunity to regionally advance care to patients in North Dakota and support pre-hospital professionals.

What does this mean?

1. Partnering with Avel eCare EMS Telemedicine

Our partnership with Avel will offer each participating licensed ground ambulance service in North Dakota a telehealth solution that will include the necessary hardware, software, installation, training, support, and telehealth subscription for professional consulting services.

2. Clinician Access within 30 seconds:

Telehealth will provide access to board certified emergency physicians and nurses on a consult basis to assist ambulance crews in providing care. On request, the telehealth team will use video capability to assess the situation, augment the EMS crew’s efforts, or answer questions as EMTs or Medics provide treatment.

3. Funding Support:

The program will pursue the SS4A grant program which will provide funding for 80% of the project costs. Each participating service would be responsible for 20%. It is estimated that the local share for a small rural service that has 2 ambulances and runs about 200 calls per year could have an $8,000 match requirement in year 1. This would be significantly reduced for the following three years of service.

4. The timeline?

The final grant application is due on August 27th. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the goal is to survey ambulances services throughout the state to identify the services interested in participating in the grant program and obtain a Letter of Intent for participation in the NHTSA grant.

What are the requirements of a participating organization?

Participating ambulance services will be required to:

  • Sign a Letter of Intent
  • Sign an EMS Telemedicine Services agreement with Avel once the grant is awarded.
  • Work with Avel on installation of equipment and training of personnel
  • Work collaboratively with your medical director
  • Agree to participate in a short survey following each telehealth experience
  • Document telehealth usage in the electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) form
  • Return equipment should your service withdraw support for this initiative or dissolve

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Kelli Just – SE Region

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Holly Boltz – SW Region

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