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ND EMS Foundation Academy Schedule

Below are the courses scheduled for 2014.  Please keep in mind, if you have already sent 3 (or for some services more) representatives from your service, we would ask that you allow other individuals who are identified leaders to be able to take this course. 

Level III Course

October 18-19, 2014
Level 3
Day 1: 10:00-5:30
Day 2: 8:30-3:30

Location: Seven Seas, Mandan

Block of rooms at Seven Seas

Rates: 92.00

Course Full

Level IV Course

December 13-14, 2014
Level 4

Day 1: 10:00-5:30
Day 2: 8:30-3:30

Location: Radisson Hotel, Bismarck

Block of rooms at Radisson Hotel

Rates: 99.00


Level III and IV Registration Forms Available HERE

Note:  There is a $100.00 fee for each level in 2014.

Registering for the Leadership Courses

It is important to note that these courses are "leadership" courses, and not management courses.  These courses do not cover budgeting, scheduling, and day-to-day operations of an EMS agency, rather the courses address how to become an effective leader in your organization, and to inspire others.  The EMS Management courses will be held later this fall and winter.

When considering attending the leadership academy we ask that if you are not in a leadership role or a key decision maker within your ambulance that you consider waiting until open spaces are available.  We also ask that no more than 3 individuals from a service be enlisted in any given course.  These two requests will ensure more leaders are able to participate in the academy.

Many ask...why not schedule additional courses?  The answer is quite complex but here are a few various reasons;

1. Currently our funding sources to provide these courses only allows for four courses each year.  The cost to provide the facilitation is $10,000 in addition to approximately $2,500 in meals, meeting room, and other classroom related expenses.  The ND EMS Foundation does not have an identified long-term funding plan to cover more than the $50,000 in annual leadership training.

2. Why not charge more?  In the beginning we wanted to attract as many leaders as possible and doing that essentially required the course be free or minimal cost, and to take care of the expenses.  Over the past two years all courses have been free, and with the DEMST grant very little has been paid out-of-pocket by the participants.  In 2014 there will be a small $100 fee to cover some of the administrative and meal expenses.  Other states have a fee between $300 and $550 per course.

3. Even if enough funding was secured the facilitators, SafeTech Solutions, only schedule leadership training one weekend a month for the entire year.  They are currently doing other leadership courses in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other regional states so their availability is very limited. 


Fees, Deposits and Cancelations:  There is a $100 fee for your seat in the course.   Should you have to cancel, your registration fee will be returned, less a $50 administrative fee if you cancel more than 7 days prior to the course.  If you must cancel within the 7 day window you will forfeit the entire $100 course fee.  You must submit a written cancelation notice to be received by the Foundation no later than 5:00 pm (central time) at least 7 days prior to the start of each course.  If written notice is not received prior to the above stated deadlines the $50 will not be returned.

The courses, and meals during the courses, will be provided free of charge by the North Dakota EMS Foundation and their partners.  Participants will be responsible for lodging and mileage; however, the Division of EMS and Trauma will be providing a $300 per participant, per course reimbursement to ambulance services that send participants.

Deposit and Registration Mailing:  All correspondence should be sent to:  ND EMS Foundation, 1622 East Interstate Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58503. 

About the Academy

When difficulties in emergency medical services (EMS) are discussed we hear a lot about having fewer volunteers, inadequate funding, sustainability challenges or growing regulations.  You will always find individuals trying to address those issues, along with many others.  However, one thing we hear little of is leadership.  Few people discuss the flawed methods used in choosing an ambulance leader, the lack of appropriate management and leadership training for those selected and the overwhelming conditions they are faced with upon assuming their role.

Ironically, in all successful organizations, whether a business, volunteer group or school, we find great leaders.  The North Dakota EMS Foundation believes that the future of North Dakota's EMS system must be built atop the same footing, strong leaders.  Thus, we have set out to develop local, capable, prepared, engaged and energetic ambulance service leaders.  Developing those individuals is the precursor to addressing every challenge faced by EMS.

The North Dakota EMS Leadership Academy is a four-level course developed and facilitated by SafeTech Solutions, a national EMS consulting firm with extensive experience in rural EMS systems.  It is designed to give each student basic tools and information needed to successfully assume the role of an EMS leader.

Each course level builds on concepts taught in the previous level(s).  The course begins with the basic difference between leadership and management and culminates with performance enhancement training.  Each level is two, eight hour days and limited to thirty participants in order to create a relaxed and inclusive environment.  The instruction method is a mix of lecture, hands-on exercises and role playing.

Although the Academy has an established curriculum and the facilitators strive to cover each topic in the course outline, they are also mindful of the fact that students will be at different levels when they enter the academy and that leadership challenges differ from one ambulance service to another.  As a result, the curriculum is flexible and the facilitators adapt each course to best meet the unique needs of each courses' students.

The EMS Foundation anticipates hosting at least one course at each level for the next several years.

Currently the EMS Leadership Academy if free for all participants and meals during the Academy are provided.  Lodging and mileage must be provided either by the participant or the participant's ambulance service.  The North Dakota Department of Health, Division of EMS and Trauma will provide stipends to each participant's ambulance service after each course is completed.


Academy Partners

The North Dakota EMS Foundation extends an extremely special thank you to our Academy Partners.  Without their support this program would not be possible.

  • University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health, Flex Program
  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative
  • Otter Tail Power Company
  • MDU Resources Foundation
  • North Dakota Department of Health, Division of EMS and Trauma

If you are interested in partnering with the North Dakota EMS Foundation on the EMS Leadership Academy or if you would like more information please contact Corrie Geurts.


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