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Tonight's Corn Hole, Food, and Fun's location has changed to the basement of the Community Center. The event begins at 6.

There has been a schedule change. Saturday's "Stroke" has been moved from 9 am to 8 am and will be in place of "Adding Value to EMS." 

Thank you and see you this weekend!

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ND EMS Association

Friday, September 20

12:30-1:00pm Registration

1:00-5:00pm Simulation Concurrently with Education(space limited to 40 students) - POST 4

Psychiatric Emergencies- NCCR Psychiatric Emergencies 1 

Lindsey Schaaf, Bowman Ambulance 

SIDS/Pediatric Cardiac Arrest- NCCR Psychiatric Emergencies 1 

Kelli Just, Community Ambulance of Lamoure 

Saturday, September 21

7:00am-7:50am Registration

7:50-8:00am Welcome & Announcements

8:00-9:50am HAZMAT Tabletop ExerciseLCCR 2, POST 2, 

Hess Corporation & Jay Skarphol, North Dakota Safety Council 

8:00-8:50am Adding Value to EMSLCCR 1, 

Kelli Just, Community Ambulance of Lamoure & Adam Parker, Sanford AirMed  

9:00-9:50am Field Triage & Trauma TriageNCCR Psychiatric Emergencies 1

  Daniel Ell, SHEMSE Bismarck 

StrokeNCCR Stroke 1, POST 1

Kayla Shaw, SHEMSE Fargo 

10:00-10:50am Pediatric Cardiac Arrest- NCCR Pediatric Cardiac Arrest 1, POST 1

    Lindsey Schaaf, Bowman Ambulance 

    Incident InvestigationICCR 1

    Don Moseman, North Dakota Safety Council 

11:00-11:50am Fluid ResuscitationNCCR Fluid Resuscitation 1

    Dave Wallace, Dickinson Area Ambulance 

       Confined Space & Lockout Tagout AwarenessICCR 1, POST 1

   Hess Corporation & Jay Skarphol, NDSC 

12:00-1:00pm Lunch & Vendor Networking

12:00-12:45pm Service Leader Meeting

1:00-2:50pm Self Protection Techniques for RespondersLCCR 2, POST 2

Don Moseman, North Dakota Safety Council 

1:00-1:50pm Pain ManagementLCCR 2, POST 2

        Dave Wallace, Dickinson Area Ambulance 

2:00-2:50pm Immunological EmergenciesNCCR Immunologial Emergencies 1, POST 1

Daniel Ell, SHEMSE Bismarck 

ALS Topic: PharmacologyLCCR 1

Tom Dobrzynski, SHEMSE Bismarck 

3:00-3:50pm Ambulance SafetyNCCR Ambulance Safety 1

Jeff Haugen, North Central Vehicle Sales 

4:00-4:50pm Culture of Safety/Role of ResearchNCCR Culture of Safety 0.5 Role of Research 0.5

Jeff Haugen, North Central Vehicle Sales 

4:50-5:00pm Wrap Up, Announcements & Door Prizes

Sunday, September 22

7:00-7:50am Registration

7:50-8:00am Welcome & Announcements

8:00-8:50am Endocrine EmergenciesNCCR Endocrine 1, POST 1

Misty Peck, Dickinson Area Ambulance 

9:00-9:50am OB EmergenciesNCCR OB Emergencies 1, POST 1

Holly Boltz, Killdeer Area Ambulance 

10:00-10:50am Evidence Based GuidelinesNCCR Evidence Based Guidelines 1

    Tom Dobrzynski, SHEMSE Fargo 

11:00-11:50am Infectious DiseaseNCCR Infectious Disease 1, POST 1

    Ann Hafner, Killdeer Area Ambulance 

12:00-1:00pm Lunch & Vendor Networking

12:00-12:45pm Regional Meeting

1:00-1:50pm Crew Resource- Management- Crew Resource Management 1

Tyler Kientopf, SHEMSE Bismarck NCCR 

2:00-2:50pm Hygiene/VaccinationsNCCR Hygiene/Vaccinations 1

Kayla Shaw, Sanford EMS Education Fargo 

3:00-3:50pm Acute Coronary SyndromesNCCR ACS 1

Marcy Dawson, Sanford AirMed 

4:00-4:50pm CNS Injury- NCCR CNS Injury, POST 1

Mona Thompson, Kidder County Ambulance 

4:50-5:00pm Wrap Up, Announcements & Door Prizes

NCCR Classes offered in 2019 at the Southwest Conference 

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest 1.0 Hour

ACS 1.0 Hour

CNS Injury 1.0 Hour

Fluid Resuscitation 0.5 Hour

OB Emergencies 0.5 Hour

Infectious Disease 0.5 Hour

Pain Management  1.0 Hour

Endocrine/ Diabetes 1.0 Hour

Immunological 0.5 Hour

Ambulance Safety 0.5 Hour

Field Triage 1.0 Hour

Hygiene/ Vaccinations 0.5 Hour

Crew Resource Mgmt 1.0 Hour

Evidence Based Guidelines 0.5 Hour

North Dakota EMS Association

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