North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association

Provider Mental Health and

Wellness Summit

July 21, 2022

Ramada Hotel

Bismarck, ND 

10:00am- 5:00pm

NDEMSA Members $25.00

Non Members $50.00

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* This summit is eligible for 7 hours of LCCR CEUs

Helping rural EMS providers live well and take good care of their emotional and psychological well-being must be a local ambulance service priority. Wellbeing and resilience are so much more than training. This is about changing how we think and act. It’s about making it easy and normal for responders to put their wellbeing first and take better care of each other. NDEMSA is creating ongoing programing to help local ambulance services improve the experiences of their providers and build in provider wellbeing as a service priority. During this year’s summit we will introduce our programming and present a wellbeing and resilience workshop that can be brought to each service’s local training meetings. Please join us to learn about how we can put Responders First and improve the emotional and psychological health of our providers and genuinely help them be resilient and more satisfied in doing their important work.

During this session we discuss:

  • Why ongoing wellbeing and resilience programing is needed in your agency
  • Why taking care of ourselves is so difficult
  • How to help providers find more satisfaction and enjoyment (even during difficult times)
  • The basics of building and supporting wellbeing and resilience
  • How to stop rewarding poor selfcare
  • The connection between wellbeing, retention, and recruitment
  • How to make wellbeing, selfcare and resilience an expected and enjoyable part of your service’s ongoing activities

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