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April Newsletter

From the President                                                                                           


The 42nd Annual North Dakota EMS AssociationRendezvous and Tradeshow is next weekend in Bismarck!  Our conference one of the biggest and longestrunning EMS conference in the nation.  Weare excited to offer an excellent schedule of education, vendors, and other sessionsin one event.  The conference committeehas done an outstanding job bringing together a wide array of topics andspeakers.  We hope you'll take advantageof this great training opportunity and be one of hundreds of providers fromacross North Dakota and beyond at this event. If you haven't registered for the three-day event there is still time.

While at the conference in Bismarck we hope that you'll notonly take advantage of the outstanding continuing education, but take time toattend the other events.  Bonus sessionsare scheduled throughout the conference to allow providers the chance to pickup extra education.  The vendor area willopen at 7:00 pm on Thursday night with the vendor preview and will remain openuntil Saturday afternoon.  We are veryhappy to have a large and diverse vendor area that has something foreveryone.  Please take a moment to visitthe vendor hall and see what they have to offer.  Friday night entertainment will be the Magicof Keith Raymond.  These events and moreare some of the reasons North Dakota has one of the best EMS conferences in thenation.

In addition to the April conference in Bismarck we hope thatyou'll mark your calendar for other EMS events here in North Dakota.  The National Rural EMS & Care Conferencewill be held in Fargo, ND April 25 & 26, 2017.  This is the first time this conference hascome to ND and should offer a unique chance to train and network with providersfrom many other states. 

The 3rd Annual EMS Management Conference will beheld in Bismarck, ND June 5 & 6, 2017. EMS Leaders and Directors are invited to this one of a kindsession.  Industry experts, managers, andeducators will bring together their ideas and perspectives on EMSmanagement.  We'd invite your squadleaders, board members, and those in a position of leadership to attend ourmanagement conference.  Watch for updatesand conference information on our website at

As the North Dakota Legislative session winds down I want tosay thank you to the NDEMSA Advocacy Committee. Tim Meyer, Randal Parker, Curt Halmrast, Pat Tracy, Lynn Hartman, ShermSyverson, Art Culver, Corrie Geurts, and Bill Kalanek.  These individuals have worked diligently toensure that our voice is heard and our legislative priorities are advanced atthe Capitol. 

On behalf of the North Dakota EMS Association I also want toextend my appreciation to each of you for the work that you do every day onbehalf of your community.  There is trulyno greater examples of one's service to another, than a willingness to helpyour neighbor at a moments notice.  Thankyou!


I look forward to seeing you at the 42nd AnnualEMS Rendezvous in Bismarck.

Jim Restemayer, President



From the Education Coordinator:


Greetings fellow EMS Providers,

The 42nd annual EMS Rendezvous in Bismarck is about to happen. The planning committee is busy finalizing last minute details. You can get a sneak preview of the conference by visiting our web site,

The pre-conference starts off on Thursday at the Ramkota. SIM ND will be there with their state of the art simulation manikins. 8 hours of NCCR topics will be offered along with an 8-hour Instructor update. Workshops and lectures will also be offered. Thursday ends with a vendor preview, hor d’ oeuvres and cash bar at the Events Center.

In many ways EMS Providers here in North Dakota are very fortunate.  Our ambulance services and quick response units are capable of providing excellent prehospital care.  People let us into their homes and trust us to help their family or friends at the very worst times of their lives.  We have an active state office that is working to help all types of services and there is strong support for EMS in small towns and larger communities.  That isn't the case in every state across our nation.  Overall, we do a pretty good job here in North Dakota!

Yet, we know that there is still work to do to help build a stronger system of EMS in North Dakota.  It will not be a surprise to hear of an ambulance service that is struggling or will close its doors.  It's been happening at our schools and at stores on Main Street for a long time.  Some of it is inevitable with the changing landscape and some because of changes within our organizations.  To survive, we will need to evolve.

If we look at where we want to be in 10 years there is likely more we need to do now. Higher levels of training, quality assurance measures, building a stronger business model, and working to ensure our agencies survival all are key to building a stronger EMS system here in North Dakota.  To help make that happen we need to talk among ourselves: within our agencies, with our neighbors, and with those throughout our regions.  Collaboration cannot remain one of those elusive terms we hear about but choose not to pursue.  A strong system of EMS not only means we are doing well, but our neighboring services as well.  If we are unable or choose not to find ways we can work together, we will struggle. 


There are many very thoughtful, dedicated, smart and innovative people here in our state. Please take the time to share your thoughts and ideas on what we can do with your NDEMSA regional advisor, directors, officers or with the state EMS office.  As always, you can contact us at 701-221-0567 or at  Going forward it will be vitally important that we hear from you on how we can improve Emergency Medical Services across our state.


I look forward to seeing you at the 42nd Annual EMS Rendezvous April 6-8, 2017 in Bismarck, ND.


Thank you for what you do in your communities every day!  Stay safe.


Jim Restemayer, President


North Dakota EMS Association




From the Education Coordinator:

Greetings fellow EMS Providers,


The 42nd annual EMS Rendezvous in Bismarck is about to happen. The planning committee is busy finalizing last minute details. You can get a sneak preview of the conference by visiting our web site,


The pre-conference starts off on Thursday at the Ramkota. SIM ND will be there with their state of the art simulation manikins. 8 hours of NCCR topics will be offered along with an 8-hour Instructor update. Workshops and lectures will also be offered. Thursday ends with a vendor preview, hors d’ oeuvres and cash bar at the Events Center.


There are 8 national speakers that are scheduled to present. The Association is very lucky to have a plethora of local presenters and educators that will also be presenting. Tim Nesdahl, paramedic from Altru Health System will be stationed at a booth in the exhibit hall on Friday and Saturday for your convenience to refresh yourself with the Lucas Device.

Once again, the Phase II education is up and running. Hopefully your training officer has been contacted by an instructor to schedule a training date.

If anyone has questions about the Phase II training or any other education, please email or come and visit me at the Rendezvous.

Hope to see you in Bismarck,

Randal Severson

Education Coordinator



ND Board of Nursing

For the nurses who are planning to attend the ND EMS Association’s 42ndannual Rendezvous in Bismarck on April 6-8, 2017----“Welcome”. Below is a list of presentations that the ND Board of Nursing (NDBoN) has approved for Nursing contact hours. Upon arrival please visit the registration desk to get your packet and information. Please note that on Saturday April 8, there are 2 general sessions that are approved for 1.25 contact hours. All other sessions are for 1 contact hour. You can get a preview of the conference program by visiting Once again “Welcome” and we look forward seeing you at the Rendezvous

Nursing Continuing Education Credits:

The North Dakota Board of Nursing has approved 23 concurrent sessions and 2 general sessions for nursing contact hours. The course number assigned is 1499 and the approved sessions are below.

Please visit the registration desk for the evaluation and further information.


Nursing sessions approved for Thursday April 6, 2017

6:30pm “Crash Test Dummies and Football Players”

Nursing sessions approved for Friday April 7, 2017

8:00am “That Smell, the Look, Now Treat IT”

8:00am “Lil Rascals: Pediatric Airways”

9:30am “Trach’s, Tubes and Shunts Oh My: Technology for Special Needs Children”

9:30am “The Lethal Trauma Triad: Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask”

9:30am “Ventricular Assist Devices”

1:00pm “7 Things to Know About Pediatric Cardiac Arrest”

1:00pm “STEMI Look Alike: Advanced 12 Lead”

1:00pm “Little Tykes are Not Little Adults”

1:00pm “PUSH! The Dreaded OB Call”

1:00pm “Youth Suicide: Growing Problem”

2:30pm “How Does That Thing Work? A Look at Children with Special Health Care Needs”

2:30pm “Diabetic Emergencies”

2:30pm “Perils of Suspension Trauma”

7:30pm “GI Woes: Abdominal Pain and Assessment”

Nursing sessions approved for Saturday April 8, 2017


8:00am “Drugs on the Run”

8:00am “Hormones Gone Wild”

9:30am “Crash Test Dummies and Football Players”

9:30am “Recognize and Help Addiction in the Workplace”

10:45am General Session: “Picasso, Judy Garland and Indiana Jones All Walk into a Bar”

1:00pm General Session: Passion, Catch It-Share It” 1.25hr

2:30pm “She’s Having a Baby Pregnancy Complications”

2:30pm “Into the Tunnel-Tunnel Vision Stress Response”

2:30pm “I’m Old and Confused and I Don’t Know Why”

3:45pm “Pound for Pound: Dealing with the Bariatric Patient”

3:45pm “The Night at Joe’s Crab Shack Almost Changed Everything”




2017 ND EMS Rendezvous Update

Brochures can be viewed here.

The last mailing has went out, but there is still plenty of time to register. If you register by April 5th, you can save $10.00. All registrations from here on out will be picked up at will call.

There are still plenty of preconference sessions to sign up for.  The precons that are sold out are Lets Run Some Calls: Scenarios, Pediatric Trauma and Shaken Baby, and Bare Handed Basic Care.

The education sessions (including all the bonus sessions), refreshment breaks, access to the exhibit hall, the vendor preview, Saturday night awards banquet, and admission to the Friday Entertainment "The Magic of Keith Raymond" is included with the conference.


9pm in the Ramkota Ballroom

A show consisting of interactive audience participation of comedy, magic, and illusion.  Keith is a “Medic doing Magic” and has been doing his show across the country for the past 16 years.  He has opened for Charlie Daniels, Sawyer Brown, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Styx, and several others.  Don’t miss the Magic of Keith Raymond on Friday night.  

Close hotels include Best Western Ramkota (headquarters) - 701-258-7700, Expressway Inn - 800-456-6388, Expressway Suites - 888-774-5566, and Radisson Hotel - 701-255-6000.  Mention you are with the EMS Rendezvous.

Save the Date!

EMS Management Conference

The 3rd Annual EMS Management Conference will be held in Bismarck on June 5-6, 2017.  John Politis will be one of the presenters featured at this conference. The service leader committee is currently putting together the conference schedule and hope to have it completed in the next few weeks.

Oil Impacted EMS (OIEMS) Committee

The newly restructured Oil Impacted EMS (OIEMS) committee of the North Dakota EMS Association will be meeting during the annual spring conference in Bismarck, April 6th, 7th and 8th.  The committee’s goal is to help EMS providers and ambulance services meet the unique needs and challenges of providing emergency services in the oil and gas producing counties.  The committee is actively seeking input from Association members with insight into new or ongoing issues that the Association may be able to help with.  Please contact committee chair-person Emily Hughes at, or co-chair Lynn Hartman at




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