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Rural EMS Counts FAQ

What is Rural EMS Counts?

The name of a project the North Dakota EMS Association has undertaken to empower improvement through the use of measures.

What is a measure?

A measure is a numeric outcome of an analysis that indicates how often a specific outcome is obtained. Still not sure what that means?  Let's look at a Rural EMS Counts example:

12 Lead Performed for Suspected Cardiac Chest Pain If you run the measure, you will get a percentage.  The percentage gives you how often your agency is performing 12-Lead ECG’s on patients with suspected cardiac chest pain, based on the provider’s primary or secondary impression.  If you get 75%  and had 4 patients, that would mean 3 of 4 suspected cardiac chest pain patients received a 12-Lead. 

What does an agency "participating" require of the agency?

Fill out a participation agreement, so we know about you.  Run each of the measures.  If you have questions or concerns, reach out to the project manager, regional advisors or subject matter experts.

Why should my service participate?

1.  Participating could mean more consistent care from your agency. 

2.  Participating could mean a change in protocols.

3.  Participating could mean improving patient care.

4.  Participating will help the EMS Association show value in what we are doing.

I'm not the agency manager.  What can I do?

You could lead the project for the EMS agency.  You could offer to help your manager with the project.  You could advocate your EMS agency participate.  You can attend our townhalls.  You could submit a deidentified case for "Minutes with a Medical Director."  

My agency doesn't use ESO for our ePCR, can I still run the Rural EMS Counts Measures?

Every EMS agency that submits data to the state of North Dakota has access to ESO and the Rural EMS Counts Measures.  Currently, the reports can be accessed by logging into ESO and then opening the link below.

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