North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association

NDEMSA Committee Chairs and Members

Members interested in particular areas are encouraged to become involved in providing direction to the NDEMSA Board of Directors. One way to become involved is through attending and participating in committee meetings. Membership to NDEMSA committees is open to all active members. If you would like to be considered for committee appointment please contact our office. For information regarding specific activities, programs or procedures regarding committees please feel free to contact the committee chairperson.

Marketing Committee-Publications, Website/Social Media, Logowear

  • Tyler Kientopf Chair
  • Holly Boltz
  • Jason Eblen
  • Cheryl Flick
  • Holly Grubb
  • Adam Parker
  • PJ Ringdahl
  • DeeAnn Werre

Marketing- Membership

  • DeeAnn Werre
  • Ron Lawler
  • PJ Hardy

Awards Committee

  • Bill Tuttle- Chair
  • Suzan Hanson
  • Corey Johnson
  • Kelli Just
  • Tami Petersen- Ness

Nominations & Elections

  • Suzan Hanson – Chair
  • Corey Johnson
  • DeeAnn Werre
  • Todd Elfman
  • Kelli Just


  • Adam Parker- Chair
  • Tim Meyer
  • Tyler Kientopf
  • Lynn Hartman  
  • Emily Hughes
  • Tim Swanson

 Trauma Committee

  • Kelly Dollinger ALS
  • Theo Stoller BLS

Service Directors

  • Lynn Hartman- Chair

  • Tom Engen
  •  PJ Hardy

 EMS Memorial

  • Bill Tuttle- Chair
  • Tami Peterson

 Budget & Finance 

  • Suzan Hanson-Chair
  • Bill Tuttle
  • Jason Eblen
  • Tami Petersen- Ness
  • Tyler Kientopf
  • Wendy Egli (FPS)


  • Cheryl Flick- Co- Chair
  • Curt Halmrast- Co Chair
  • Tami Peterson-Co-Chair

EMS Advisory Council

  • Lynn Hartman (ALS)

Medical Directors

  • Jeffrey A. Sather, MD  State EMS Medical Director
  • Randolph Szlabick, MD  State Trauma Medical Director  


  • Ron Lawler- Chair
  • Kerry Krikava

  • Curt Halmrast

State Interoperability Committee

  •  Dan Schaefer

ND State Stroke Task Force

  • Curt Halmrast

NAEMT Affiliate Advisory

  • Adam Parker

 Constitution & Resolution

  • Jason Eblen-Chair
  • Bill Tuttle
  • Holly Grubb

Oil Impact EMS, Inc.

  • Lynn Hartman- Co Chair
  • Emily Hughes- Co Chair
  • Darrell West
  • Benji Kitagawa
  • Denise Brew
  • Aden Clark
  • Ann Hafner

DES Advisory

  • Kelly Dollinger


  • Pat Tracy- Chair
  • Tammy Roehrich

  • Dustin Bertsch
  • Mark Haugen

Mental Health Committee

  • DeeAnn Werre-Co-Chair
  • Mona Thompson-Co-Chair
  • Adam Parker
  • Tami Petersen
  • Ashley Kann

North Dakota EMS Association

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