North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association

Congratulations to the 2021 North Dakota EMS Board of Directors

 Vice President 

Cheryl Flick, Bowdon Ambulance

Hello NDEMSA members, my name is Cheryl Flick and I am running for re-election to the office of Vice President.

I have been a NDEMSA board of director from the Southeast Region since 1999.  I have been your Vice President for the past two years. As Vice President, I feel I have brought the small, rural, volunteer perspective to the board and would like to continue to do so.  As a director, I have served on each of the NDEMSA committees and understand the challenges of those committees and can share that knowledge with those committees. My favorite part of being on the NDEMSA Board of Directors is visiting with services to help in any way I can. I learn so much from other services and realize that no matter the size of the service, we all have challenges.

I was recently appointed to serve on the NDEMSA Foundation and look forward to working with them to keep moving the foundation forward.

Your board of directors’ work year-round for you and I enjoy being a part of that team!  NDEMSA have overcome many challenges in the past two years. Everything from budget cuts, cancelling conferences, holding board meetings virtually, just to name a few.  I am very proud of how NDEMSA has stepped up to provide COVID information and to answer questions with our Virtual Town Halls.

I am excited for the future of NDEMSA. We have a strong President in Kelly Dollinger. Our Office Administrator, Corrie Geurts is in her seventh year of employment and continues to keep the office running smoothly.  NDEMSA completed a strategic plan and a Vision 2025 and we realize there is still work to do. Work which I am looking forward of being a part of.

I have been an EMT with the Bowdon Ambulance Service for 30 years.  We are a very small, rural volunteer service in the middle of the state. We have a large service area and are always looking for new people to join us. They are genuinely like my second family.

I am married to Dave and we farm and ranch by Chaseley ND with his two brothers. We have two daughters, Ashley who is married to Kory Carlson and live by Dunn Center with their two sons Knox and Kye. Chelsey is married to Shelby Block and they live in Nashville, TN. I enjoy camping, fishing, traveling and being a grandma to Knox and Kye.

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
I would appreciate your vote for Vice President, so I can continue to represent YOU on the NDEMSA Board of Directors.

NW Board of Director

Holly Grubb, Tioga Ambulance

Hello from Northwest North Dakota!

I have served on the NDEMSA board for the last two years. I have had the pleasure of being a part of a very educated board who is continually working for the betterment of EMS in North Dakota. I am currently involved with the marketing committee and was involved with the process of choosing a new logo for our association.

I caught the EMS bug in 2001, and became an EMT in the spring of 2002. I have been a volunteer EMT since that time. I began my EMS career in Kenmare and eventually moved to Tioga where I have served on the squad since 2008. I have served as training officer, vice president and president of the Tioga Ambulance. I am active in EMT training as an instructor/coordinator. I love instructing and watching people grow and learn to love EMS as much as I do. This has been a passion of mine since 2005. I am also an AHA instructor which allows me to instruct CPR and first aid as well. I am currently employed at Tioga Medical Center working in the physical therapy department. I have several hobbies including riding horse, camping, fishing, hunting and golf. I am married and have three grown children and two grandchildren who make my life complete.

I thank each of you for your support the last two years and all you do for EMS in North Dakota. I once again am asking for your vote, as I would love to continue to represent the Northwest region and the state on NDEMSA board.

Corey Johnson, Williston Fire Department

My name is Corey Johnson and I am asking for your support in being reelected to the NDEMSA board as a representative from our region.  I have served with the City of Williston Fire Department since February of 2016.  I started as a Firefighter/Paramedic but current serve as Battalion Chief.  I am part of the regional Haz-Mat Response Team with the fire department and am assigned to the Williams County SWAT Team as a Paramedic.  Aside from these duties I also teach the EMT program and several continuing education programs such as ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, TCCC, and AHDR.  Prior to coming to Williston, I was an EMS supervisor for a regional ALS ambulance service and part of the Pennsylvania EMS Strike Team which would deploy nationwide for disaster response. 

            Education has always been very important to me.  Prior to coming to Williston I was an EMS and hazardous materials instructor with Bucks County Community College outside of Philadelphia.  In my hometown we had a volunteer ambulance service which had paid staff only during certain hours during the day.  Being from a more rural area we struggled getting and training volunteers.  In 2014 we began building a Training Center next to the ambulance station.  All the work was done by volunteers and funded by donations.  After the construction project we became the first non-college affiliated training center for EMS programs in our region. 

            This profession means the world to me and I have been blessed to be as involved as I have in my new home of Williston.  I look forward to further opportunities to grow and develop and ask for your support in furthering my passion by being apart of the NDEMSA Board.  

NE Board of Directors 

Sean Roed, Lake Region Ambulance

Greetings to all members of the North Dakota EMS Association.

I am writing to ask for your support and vote for me as a director in the Northeast Region of the North Dakota EMS Association. 

I began my involvement with EMS at 16 years of age, working as an ECT. Immediately after graduating high school in 1994, I attained my EMT role,  completed EMT-Intermediate in 1995, and then achieved my Paramedic position in 1996. For the past 26 years, I have been a full-time employee with Lake Region Ambulance Service in Devils Lake, where I currently serve as the Director of Operations.

In addition to running LR Ambulance Service’s daily operations, I am also an active Instructor/Coordinator, having had the privilege of teaching many EMR, EMT, and AEMT classes throughout the years. I have also had the honor of being guest instructor for Lake Region State College’s Police Officer Training Program, having now taught over 70 classes to help prepare our state’s future Law Enforcement Officers. I am an active firefighter, having volunteered with the Devils Lake Rural Fire Department and serving as a Captain for 12 years, before moving to the Devils Lake City Fire Department for the past 13 years, where I am currently serving in the Rehab sector. Additionally, I have been active in the establishment of and participant in our area’s Rescue Task Force, which coordinates with local law enforcement, fire department, and EMS agencies. In my free time, I have been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Services Administration.

While attaining personal and educational growth is important to me, so is the encouraging of progress and endurance within my agency and community. For that reason, I have been working diligently on writing grants for my agency and several others within the community. In conjunction with that goal is to develop a Joint Training Facility to better educate and facilitate our community and several other surrounding communities. I have recently been working closely with CMS, AAA, and NAEMT to help ensure that we are prepared for the future roles of EMS.

On a personal note, I live in Devils Lake with my wife of 17 years, Tammie, who is an RN (I hardly ever hold that against her). We have two wonderful children: our son Michael, who is 19 years old  and attending his first year of college, and our daughter Tawnee, who is 12 and in seventh grade. My family is my absolute world. I should also mention that we have a cantankerous, yet (mostly) lovable, Cocker Spaniel named Buddy.   

With my years of experience and established involvement and passion for our community, I believe that the next most logical step would be to serve on the Northeast Region as a Director to represent my region and help serve the state. Therefore, I am asking for your support and vote to allow me to be your NDEMSA representative in the Northeast Region.


Sean Roed

Bill Tuttle, Drayton Volunteer Ambulance

Bill Tuttle is an AEMT with Drayton Volunteer Ambulance Service. Bill started working with volunteer EMS service in 1978 as an ECT then EMT while in high school. Bill took a break in EMS service from 1980 to 1991 when he enlisted in the USAF. Since then, he obtained EMT certification in 1991, EMT-I in 1996 and AEMT in 2016. Bill currently is a ND Instructor/Coordinator, AHA instructor, and ECSI instructor.  He also serves as the Drayton representative and Secretary on the Pembina County EMS Board of Directors. 

Bill has extensive leadership experience, serving several terms as president of the local union at the Drayton sugar manufacturing plant from 1985-2006. He had opportunities to speak before legislative committees and meet with local legislators, congressional representatives and state officers to bring forward important issues that impact working citizens of ND.  As a labor leader he served on several state-wide committees’ including Workers Compensation Advisory Council, Train-ND NE Workforce Training Committee, and ND AFL-CIO.  Currently Bill is a member of the ND Motorcycle Safety Program Advisory Committee with NDDOT.  In December 2017 he completed EMS Leadership Academy.  He serves on several NDEMSA committees, and is currently working part time for the NDDOH COVID-19 response team.

Bill works fulltime as a diesel truck and trailer mechanic at Helm Enterprises in Drayton.  His hobbies are ice fishing, hunting, camping, motorcycling and politics.

SE Board of Directors 

Kelli Just

Community Ambulance of Lamoure

Hi to all NDEMSA members!!  My name is Kelli Just and I am running for re-election to the office of a Southeast Director.  I have been a NDEMSA board member since I was asked to fill an opening in 2019.  I was excited to jump into this new role, as I’m always looking for ways to stay active and involved in EMS because this system is vital to all North Dakota residents and what I love to be a part of.  Since filling the position, I feel I have not only spoken up for the small, rural, volunteer services, but I have also brought valuable information back to the services nearby me.  I would like to be able to continue serving as a board member and I would greatly appreciate your vote in the upcoming election. 

I have been an EMT with Community Volunteer EMS of LaMoure and Edgeley Ambulance Service for 20 years.  While in college, I struggled to decide on a major.  I kept going back and forth between the education field and medical field.  I found the perfect balance and graduated with a BA in Education and became an EMT.  This combination has allowed me to do what I love each day, teaching and helping others.  Safety and education are top priorities for me.  Just like all of you, I have seen the worse of the worse as an EMS provider and I have taken on the role in my community to prevent accidents from happening.  I have been instrumental in providing education classes to our service and community on snowmobile safety, farm safety, ATV safety, bicycle safety, car seat safety, babysitter safety, as well as providing classes for Stop the Bleed, CPR, First Aid, and Impact Teen Drivers.  Both EMS squads that I serve on are filled with members that are like family to me.  I work with the best of the best and am proud to be on their teams. 

I was honored to be named the 2019 NDEMSA Provider of the Year.  If I could, I would make copies of my award and send each and every one of you the same award.  What you are doing for your communities is priceless and I thank you with my whole heart all for giving your time and talents to help others. 

I live on a farm near the small, rural community of Berlin.   My husband, Christof, and I operate a cow/calf operation and raise corn and soybeans.  I work in the tax department at AgCountry and am a substitute teacher at LaMoure School.  I am also a presenter for NDSU Extension for Impact Teen Drivers, which is a free education program provided to teens across the nation on the dangers of distracted and reckless driving.   It is extremely important to me to raise well rounded children, and so I lead by example and stay active in many community organizations.   I enjoy being a part of the 4-H program and serve various roles for the public library, FFA alumni, church, and recently became a wish granter for North Dakota Make a Wish.  Christof and I have been blessed with three healthy and active children:  Karly (18), Katrina (16), and Cole (12).  Karly and Katrina have both taken and successfully passed the EMR course and like exploring the field of emergency medicine by serving as members of Community Volunteer EMS of LaMoure with me.  

Again, I would appreciate your vote so I can continue to represent all the wonderful EMS providers we have in our state.  Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work!

Kristen Moos, Napoleon Ambulance

Hi my name is Kristen Moos from Napoleon, ND. I have lived in Napoleon my entire life. I am married to my husband, Todd, and we have 3 wonderful children together; Tyler (17), Trevor (15), and Lily (12). They keep my life filled with joy, love, excitement, and business. I enjoy camping, walking, scrapbooking, being outdoors, attending my children’s sporting events, and spending time with my family.

I had been a medical transcriptionist for several years and became intrigued and passionate about the medical field. I was asked in 2007 to join the Napoleon Ambulance and take a first responder class. I was hesitant at first but was told that we need more people to come on board or we may some day not have an ambulance service anymore so I hesitantly took the first responder class. My fear of being on the ambulance soon became replaced by love and appreciation for this profession. I soon took an EMT class and soon after that went on for paramedic as I wanted to be able to provide more care to our community. I am currently a paramedic as well as the EMS Coordinator/Service Leader for Napoleon Ambulance. I love my job and helping others. I am also an AHA instructor and teach CPR and First aid to our community. I am also a ND EMS instructor and teach EMR and EMT classes in our community and offer the on-site training for our agency. I have been teaching CPR and First Aid to our 9th grade classes for the last 7 years. I have since started teaching babysitting classes to our youth. I am a huge believer in keeping ambulance services interactive in the community and keep the community supportive of the ambulance services. I am very committed to finding funding opportunities for our ambulance service, community, and school for AEDs, bleeding control kits, and first aid bags and have been able to obtain these items. In addition to all of my paramedic and EMS Coordinator duties, I also work part time at a local bank in Napoleon and volunteer with adult and youth activities in our church and in our community.

I am very excited about running for the Southeast Region position on the NDEMSA. I have an incredible passion for EMS and would like an opportunity to support the ambulance services in our wonderful state and would strive to be helpful in the NDEMSA if elected for the position. Being from a rural service, I know and appreciate how vital EMS is in these rural areas as well as the importance in our urban areas. If elected, I will help keep ND EMS agencies continuing to offer substantial care to our communities in this beautiful state and will be a voice to help make sure that EMS continues to strive and be viable for years to come. I would greatly appreciate your vote for SE Board of Director position. Thank you.

SW Board of Directors 

Kyle Michels. Billings County EMS

Hello SW Region of NDEMSA, my name is Kyle Michels and I am running for Southwest Regional Director. I am running to represent rural ambulance services. I have been a paramedic with Billings County EMS and Belfield Ambulance, covering approximately 1400 square miles in Southwest ND, since 2016. As of April 2018, I have been the co-director of Billings County EMS. Prior to my paramedic position, I was a volunteer with Belfield Ambulance Service while I worked in the oil field.  I started EMS in 2008 with the New Leipzig/Elgin Ambulance, while attending Dickinson State University where I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Biology, Professional Option.  I received the Southwest’s “Rising Star Award” in 2010.

Working in an area with some of the largest tourist attractions in the state, a very transient population, and a shrinking volunteer base, I can appreciate the struggles of many of the EMS services in the state. My hope is to build a more cohesive Southwest Region and to represent everyone within the NDEMSA.

My family and I reside in Belfield where we enjoy taking in the badlands, hunting, fishing, and camping.

DeeAnn Werre, Standing Rock Ambulance

My name is DeeAnn Werre. I currently reside in Bismarck and work with Standing Rock Ambulance as a Paramedic, with Bismarck State College as an EMS Instructor and am on the SIM ND team providing continuing education to healthcare providers in the Southwest Region.

I began serving on the ND EMS Association board as a SW director two years ago.  I am currently on the Marketing committee, the Nominations & Elections committee and I co-chair the Mental Health committee.  I also serve as Co-President of the SW Region. 

I began my career as a volunteer with New Salem Ambulance Service in 1996.  In 2006 I conquered my fear of practicing IV starts and obtained my I/85 training.  And in 2011 after all 3 of my daughters had graduated from high school I followed in my oldest daughter’s footsteps and became a Paramedic.  During my time at New Salem I also became an EMS Instructor and found my love for educating and sharing my knowledge.  I feel there is always more to learn hence always more to share. 

Though I have worked hard to improve my own skills, I will never forget the place and people that taught me the most in my EMS career.  Because I began my career as a volunteer with New Salem Ambulance Service, I understand the needs and challenges of rural ambulance services. Maintaining ambulance services in our communities is difficult at best. This should not be the case for services that are the backbone of EMS in our state. 

As a volunteer EMT, I came to understand the importance of maintaining adequate numbers of EMTs in rural North Dakota towns. Without members we obviously cannot provide quality care to our very rural population.  In order for us to grow members in our services we must come together as a team and seek continuous improvement in our profession. 

As an educator, it has always been my goal to help provide quality education to volunteer services and continue to build our volunteer base.  By providing excellent education we can provide outstanding quality care throughout the state, whether 5 or 50 miles from a hospital.

I have always believed that every problem or challenge has a solution. I believe the path to those solutions needs to come from leaders who have seen the side of EMS they are representing. Leaders who are not only willing to listen to your concerns but help to find the solutions as well. I know and understand your perspectives because I have been where you are.

I believe we need representation that speaks for the majority of providers in our region, the volunteers at rural services. I would treasure the opportunity to continue to represent you as a director for the Southwest Region on the North Dakota EMS Association board.

Thank you for your consideration to my candidacy for NDEMSA SW regional director.

North Dakota EMS Association

1622 East Interstate Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58503


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