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July   Newsletter

From the President    

Hoping everyone had a safe & Happy Independence Day!  Just saying that makes me more aware that thedays of summer are quickly ticking away (FYI for those procrastinators thereare only 172 days until Christmas). Still, there's still plenty of time to enjoy time with family andfriends before it starts to cool down. 

In earlier articles, myself and others challenged you to getout and talk with your neighbors. Sharing your story as well as the challenges facing your EMSsystem.  Not only spreading your message,but listening to what's going on in the next town over.  With that, starting to understand what ourissues are regionally and how we may work together to address some of thoseproblems.  A lot can be accomplished witha cup of coffee.

To help facilitate some of those discussions the North DakotaEMS Association and partners will once again be sponsoring a series of meetingsbetween EMS Agencies & their local Critical Access Hospital.  This is an excellent opportunity for squadsto come together & discuss the issues associated with their regionalhealthcare system and where we may improve. It's also a chance for the hospitals to share some of the challengesthey face on a daily basis in a rural community.  We hope that you'll take full advantage ofthe sessions and join us at one of the regional meetings.

The guidance for the 2017 Rural EMS Assistance Fund GrantInformation is available on the ND Department of Health Emergency MedicalSystems website.  A great deal of timeand effort was spent on ways to improve the grant system and help us moveforward and improve the North Dakota EMS system as a whole.  If you or your service found that you werenot in agreement with this year’s grant program we would ask that you shareyour thoughts with DEMS staff or a NDEMSA Director.  My e-mail is changes cannot occur if we don't hear from you.

I'd also like to thank outgoing Division of Emergency MedicalSystems staff Tom Nehring, Lindsey Narloch, and Elizabeth Philja.  We owe each of them a tremendous amount ofappreciation and gratitude for the work that they on behalf of all EMS in NorthDakota.  Thank you!

We hope you get out and take full advantage of the NorthDakota sunshine this summer.  We lookforward to seeing you at an upcoming EMS Association event.

Jim Restemayer, President

North Dakota EMS Association


From the Education Coordinator:

Greetings fellow EMS providers,

Last October I had the privilege of accompanying personnel from the State Health Department and the NDEMSA to King County in Seattle Washington for a three-day workshop/conference for their Resuscitation Academy. The focus was on high performance CPR.

Back in the days when I would teach CPR instructor courses I would tell the instructor candidates about how the science of CPR evolved to what it is today. In the middle to late 1970’s King County EMS and the Medical Directors from various hospitals wished to have as many of the Seattle residents as possible certified in CPR. Through their efforts, they succeeded. About the same time that residents of Seattle were becoming CPR certified, AIDS became known. Consequently, Seattle had a large population of CPR providers but few who were willing to actually perform CPR on a stranger. Hence, the research on death by cardiac arrest and the response to immediate CPR and the Resuscitation Academy had begun.

This brings me to an event which happened on June 26 and 27 in Bismarck. Dr. Peter Kudenchuk from King County Seattle Washington, Dr. Mike Levy from Anchorage Alaska, Dr. Jeff Sather, Trinity Health in Minot, Ken Reed, Director of EMS in Rugby, Shila Thorson, State Stroke & Cardiac System Coordinator, Lucinda Hodgson, CARES Specialist, Kerry Krikava, State Stroke & Cardiac System Quality Coordinator and Kathy Lonski, QI Director at F-M Ambulance presented at the ND Resuscitation Academy conference. This two-day conference offered information on the Science behind Resuscitation, Mechanical CPR (Pro’s & Con’s), Post Resuscitation Care, CPR in the rural communities, data collection, Pit Crew  Teamwork and other topics relating to High Performance CPR. 40 people from around the state participated in this event and came away with this valuable information. Hopefully the State Health and the Association can team up to offer this again.

Until next time. Remember it is motorcycle season. Drive Carefully.

Randal Severson

NDEMSA Education Coordinator

Don’t forget to go on the Associations web page to register for the summer courses that are being offered.

Mental Health First Aid, registration is now open;

July 26 Jamestown

August 8 Dickinson

August 23 Rugby

August 25 Williston

Grant Writing, Strategic Planning and Action Planning Workshop courses will soon be open for registration.

Jamestown August 17

Grant Writing 101

Strategic Planning 101

Action Planning Workshop

Minot August 24 (evening)

Strategic Planning 101

Action Planning Workshop

Bismarck August 29

Grant Writing 101

Strategic Planning 101

Action Planning Workshop.

3rd Annual EMS Management Conference 

Mental Health First Aid Courses

North Dakota EMS Association is offering four Mental Health First Aid courses this summer through a grant from the Center for Rural Health. This course will teach you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance abuse in your community. Attendees will learn to identify the risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns and where to turn for help.

The course is divided into two sessions. Topics to be covered are: depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, psychosis, substance abuse, recovery and resiliency.

Instructors for the course will be Melissa Herman, LICSW/LAC, Director of Behavioral Health at Coal County Community Health Center in Beulah, ND. and Ashley Ladbury Hrichena, Training and Education Coordinator at First Link in Fargo, ND.

Scheduled dates:

July 26 – Jamestown Fire Department 

August 8 – Dickinson, SW District Health 

August 23 – Rugby, Northern Inn 

August 25 – Williston Fire Hall 

The NDEMSA would like to thank the following for help in getting these courses offered to the EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement communities:

  • ·       Center for Rural Health
  • ·       OIMS
  • ·       Melissa Herman and Ashley Ladbury Hrichena, Instructors
  • ·       PJ Hardy (Ringdahl EMS) and Jamestown Fire Department
  • ·       Lynn Hartman and SW District Health – Dickinson
  • ·       Jeri Warrenburg and the Northern Inn – Rugby
  • ·       Emily Hughes and the Williston Fire Department

Class size will be limited to 30 attendees. Applications will soon be available on our web page.

ND EMS Association seeks two Regional Advisors

The Association Board of Directors fully recognizes that there is a clear need among EMS agencies for more direction in relation to providing additional resources and consultant assistance.  The ND EMS Association is seeking additional Regional Advisors to bring the total to three NDEMSA Regional Advisors.  Because of the challenges facing our EMS industry, including workforce issues, reimbursement and financial needs, and EMS education, there is a necessity for additional Regional Advisors within North Dakota.  He/she will be responsible for providing membership outreach, resources to ambulance services and EMS providers as well as a direct link between the ND EMS Association and the EMS industry. 

Typical responsibilities would include: consulting and technical assistance for EMS agencies; act as a liaison and coordinate activities with local EMS units, hospitals, fire, law enforcement, city and county agencies, DES, and dispatch centers; conduct needs assessments of the EMS system and components; promote enhancement of regional EMS partnerships; promote NDEMSA educational offerings and assist providers in locating EMS training; provide NDEMSA staff and directors information on regional EMS matters following attendance at local and regional informational meetings; assist with the preparation and distribution of public education campaign initiatives.  The Regional Advisor will also be expected to provide monthly reports to their supervisor and may be called upon to deliver reports during the quarterly board of directors meeting.  The advisor will help advance the missions of both the ND EMS Association and the ND EMS Foundation. 

Education and Competency Skill Requirements Include:

High School/GED; EMT or higher; written communication and composition skills; knowledge of the EMS system and operations, training standards, and administrative rules; effective collaborator, strong leadership, creative and independing thinking.  There are also preferred competency skills such as knowledge of Microsoft and Adobe products, and knowledge in marketing and promotion. 

Essential Performance Outcomes Include:

Recordkeeping and Reporting

Regional and Annual Conference Coordination

Marketing and Membership Outreach

Consulting and Technical Assistance to EMS Agencies

Public Education and Advocacy

Monitor and Assist Committee Work and Special Projects

Other Duties as Assigned

Other Information:

This contract position is for 20 to 40 hours monthly, with the salary determined by experience.  Travel and per diem expenses will be reimbursed according to NDEMSA policies.

Application Here

Job Description Here

Please Submit the Application to

If your application is considered, there will be an interview/overview of the position in Jamestown July 19, 2017.

Please save the date for 

Watch Governor Doug Burgum and First Lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum’s announcement here.

"The governor and I pledge to work to reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction and treat it like the chronic disease that it is,” First Lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum said. “We envision a state where prevention works, treatment is effective and people recover from addiction.”

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