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The North Dakota Post Board has approved:

The Following Courses Have Been Approved by the Northeast Post Board

Friday, February 12



Post resuscitation care-1 HR.

OB Emergencies- 0.5 HR.

CNS Injuries- 1 HR.

Saturday, February 13

8:00-9:00: At Risk population-1 HR.- Margot Miller, NP, Altru Health System

9:00-10:00: Pediatric Transport- 1 HR.-Val Mcdonald, Paramedic, Altru Health System

11:00-11:30: Culture of Safety- 0.5 HR.-Rachel Fuller, RN, Altru Health System

13:00- 1400: Stroke Update- 1 HR.- Lyndie Quirk, RN, Altru Health System

1500-1600: Trauma Triage- 1 HR.-Leigh Laroque, RN, Altru Health System

Sunday, February 14

0800-0830: Post Resuscitation Care- 0.5 HR.-Kristina Braaten, RN, Altru Health System

0830-0900: Toxicology Emergencies-0.5 HR.- Robert Buelow, Grand Forks PD

0900-1000: Hemorrhage Control- 1 hr. HR. Dr. Korderas, MD, Altru Health System

1000-1100: Neurological/Seizures- 1 hr. HR.- Dr Alex Marsh, MD, Altru Health System

1230-1330: Psych Emergencies- 1 hr. HR.- Jamie Wald, RN, Altru Health System

1330-1430: Chris Hutton’s Story- 1 hr. LCCR- Chris Hutton, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Deputy

1430-1530: My Sister the Patient- (Fufills Special heathcare Needs HR.) - Kim Spivak, RN, Altru Health System


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