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   November                  Newsletter

From the President:

Happy Holidays!  Hoping that everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving and is beginning to untangle their Christmas lights.  Just a reminder (probably just for the guys), there are only 25 days left to get your Christmas shopping done.  Good luck!

During this season of busyness there are a lot of statewide events happening at the ND EMS Association.  ND's Senators and Representatives will be heading back to Bismarck to begin a new session.  We will be working with our legislators to address a variety of EMS needs.  Our EMS Day at the Capital will be on Tuesday January 31st.  EMS Providers will gather at the capital in Bismarck to meet with state leaders.  Please take a moment to contact your state representatives, county commissioners, and city leaders to share your story and remind them of the importance of EMS here in North Dakota.  It is vitally important that they are aware of the issues affecting your service and members.  Contact information for your state leaders can be found on the NDEMSA website at

The North Dakota EMS Association also wants to recognize the best from across our state.  The Stars of Life awards will be presented in Bismarck on January 31, 2017.  Please consider nominating a member or members from your organization who epitomize the positive mission of EMS.  Good candidates for the Stars of Life are individuals who show a strong commitment and enthusiasm for EMS in North Dakota and genuinely embody the spirit of our industry. It is also an opportunity to educate the public and our legislators of the role EMS plays in providing first-class healthcare.   Candidates can be Paramedics, EMTs, First Responders, Drivers, Dispatchers, Rescue Personnel and other operations personnel who continually go above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations need to be submitted before January 4, 2017.  Do not miss your chance to create a Star!  You will not have this opportunity again until 2019!

NDEMSA is also looking for individuals interested in helping addressing statewide EMS issues as an association Director or Officer.  Currently, we are seeking nominations for a Secretary / Treasurer who will be elected to fill an open term on January 31st.  A Vice-President and regional Directors will be elected by association members via on-line election in the spring.  Information on all of the open positions and nominations can be found here or by calling the office at 701-221-0567. 

Here in North Dakota we are fortunate to have a tremendous number of examples of outstanding service to others where individuals step-forward to help their neighbor.  When we see that it is important to say Thank You.  I want to extend my appreciation to Jim DeMell.  Jim has served the North Dakota EMS Association as a Regional Adviser.  He will be retiring from that position soon.  Jim DeMell has truly embodied the philosophy of In Service to Others.  We will strive to continue the good work being done by your EMS Association into the new year and beyond.  Thank you Jim! 

As temps become colder and the snow begins to fly we wish you and your family a very safe and Merry Christmas.  Thank you for everything you do for your community and beyond!

The Final Lap

On November 30th, 2016 I will be crossing the finishing line with NDEMS Association as Regional Director. It has been for me a longer than expected race, a challenging race with numerous hurdles, more stumbles and falls than I care to remember. However, I have learned how to avoid some of those obstacles. The best part of this race has been meeting so many other EMS runners, all running their own race and facing their own challenges and hurdles, both in EMS and in their personal lives.

The most successful ambulance services I have seen in North Dakota are those with positive leaders, leaders who are personable, leaders who have high standards, leaders who value their members, and leaders who set obtainable goals.

The biggest key of these successful leaders is one who is constantly learning, leaning forward, so to speak, by using new techniques, new systems and adding new tools for their toolbox, by taking advantage of affordable training from organizations like our own NDEMSA and ND Department of Health, EMS Division, and SafeTech Solutions. These same leaders also join and support an organizational system that is bigger than themselves, and able to reach into governmental avenues to find and provide funding and grants to enhance their own long term presence in their own communities.

I am reminded of the Apostle Paul who wrote in 62 AD about a church having three issues that effected their lives; Discouragement, Disunity and Disloyalty. In the past years I have observed these same three things can affect rural and urban ambulance services, our association, or any governmental organization and even our own families.

Discouragement can come from only a few members doing the majority of the work. Some members are not invited to participate, and yet, others choose to let the few members do the majority of the work.  

 Disunity can come when member’s suggestions and their input have no value. It comes when leaders attend seminars and do not share information learned, when leaders do not have regular training sessions or fail to conduct regular meetings. This discourages participation.

Disloyalty can come from lack of leadership, internal conflicts, unresolved issues, favoritism, and members not supporting leadership or leadership not supporting their own staff.

The good news is that leaders who recognize any signs of Discouragement, Disunity and Disloyalty and are willing to change and humble themselves can jump this hurdle. It is almost never too late to learn. A true leader knows how to leave a legacy by teaching “Transition”. One of my favorite sayings (too many a service leader) has been, “People will support that which they help to create”.

As I finish this particular race in my life, I look around at all the people across North Dakota in the field of EMS who are still running their race and performing outstanding care in their communities, developing their QRU’s and ambulance services I want to yell at them as they pass me by, “keep running, don’t look back. If you stumble (So what? Everyone does!), get up, get up again and keep running”.

I would like to especially thank those who made this race worthwhile, first and foremost my wife, Jenny and our family, the NDEMS Association, President - Jim Restemayer, Past President - Curt Halmrast, Vice President - Pat Tracy, Admin. - Corrie Geurts,  the entire Board of Directors, my Regional Advisors partners in crime Lynn Hartman and past - Mona Thompson, the Cavalier Ambulance Service Team, CAS/PC EMS Education Training Institute, the entire Department of Health – EMS Division, Tom Nehring, Kelli Sears and the SafeTech Solutions partners, John and Aarron.

Blessings - Run On;

Jim DeMell


From the Education Coordinator:

Greetings fellow EMS providers,

If you are reading this then you have survived the election, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Congratulations. Now let the Christmas Holiday spirit begin.

On Thursday November 10th, the planning committee for the annual EMS Rendezvous met in Bismarck to plan the annual State and pre-conference and select National speakers and topics. As of November 26th, all eight of the National speakers that were contacted and invited to be a part of the Rendezvous have accepted the invite.  With most states now involved in the transition into the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP), national speakers are now incorporating more NCCP topics into their presentations. This, along with the abundance of highly qualified and experienced local presenters will make for a fun and educational Rendezvous conference in April.

Phase II education materials is about ready to be distributed to the instructors. Once the instructors have the material they will be contacting the ambulance services to schedule a training date. Phase II topics and agenda will be Sepsis, High Quality CPR and documentation. This 2-hour course will be an enlightening, educational and fun experience.

The NDEMSA is considering offering an online Statewide EMR class this winter. Service Leaders/Training Officers, I will be sending out information and a questionnaire via email about this course. Hopefully there is enough interest to pursue this adventure.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming winter Regional conferences, the Rendezvous in April and the Management conference in June.

Until next time, have a very safe and happy Christmas Holiday season.

Randal Severson

NDEMSA Education Coordinator


Silent Auction Items needed

The annual EMS Rendezvous is still several months away but we are already working on the silent auction.  This year the money raised will help pay for the 3rd Annual Managers Conference that will benefit EMS personnel across our state.

We are looking for ambulance services or individuals willing to donate items for the auction.  We are hoping that services will put together a “Theme Basket” that is filled with items donated from their community.

If you are interested in donating you can contact: 

Jeri Warrenburg

701-208-1186 or 701-694-6204

Nominations and Elections

Candidates Nominations are Due December 31, 2016

Positions up for election in 2017 include;

·        Vice President

·      Two (2) Directors in each region

All officers and director terms are for two (2) years. 

To be an eligible candidate for the regional director positions, he or she must be a current NDEMSA member and will run in his or her respective region.  The officer terms commence after the voting results have been counted and verified (on or around March 1st).

If you would like to be, or know someone who should be included on the 2017 ballot for the Vice President or officer position, please complete the nomination form,which can be found at

How to Become a Candidate

The new nomination process has nominations beginning July 1, 2016.  Interested candidates will be required to submit a nomination statement and photo to be published in the winter response time and on social media sites. Nominations are due on or before December 31, 2016. This deadline allows for adequate time for candidate biography to be shared on NDEMSA news outlets, prior to voting. Please review the new Nomination and Election Rules effective this year. In following election policies, nominations are NOT accepted from the floor during the annual meeting. 

To submit a nomination statement and picture, please email it to

The Voting Process

The ND EMS Association is excited about the new nomination and election changes. With these changes, the regional directors’ nominations and elections will no longer be held at the regional meetings. The election will be held between February 14th and February 28th or immediately after the last Regional Conference. Voting will occur through a combination of online and mail voting methods, as determined by the board of directors. A four-person committee will count the votes. The committee will consist of an election chair and three additional appointed people.

If you have any questions about the voting process please contact the office at 701-221-0567 or visit our nominations and elections page on our website. It is hoped that this change in policy will get more interested individuals that have been unable to attend conference to run for a position and also have an opportunity to vote. 

The NDEMSA will be seeking to fill the open term of Secretary-Treasurer

Ken Reed resigned as NDEMSA Secretary / Treasurer on 10/28/16.  We want to thank Ken for his service to the EMS Association.  We appreciate his time, talents, and dedication to North Dakota EMS!

The NDEMSA will be seeking an individual to fill the open term as Secretary-Treasurer.  To be eligible for the Secretary-Treasurer position, candidates must be a current NDEMSA member and have previously served a full 2-year term on the NDEMSA board.  The vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by the remaining board of directors, elected by the board of directors.  Nomination forms for the position may be found on the NDEMSA website.  The nomination deadline is January 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm.  A vote will be held by the NDEMSA board of directors meeting on January 31, 2017.

For additional information please contact Corrie at 701-221-0567.

American Income Life

In October members were mailed a letter and yellow card from American Income Life with details of the no-cost $3,500 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit and Health Services Discount.  If you fill out and return this yellow card to American Income Life, you will receive a certificate of coverage and name your beneficiary. Returning the card will also get a health services discount card for you and your family. A representative may also contact you to see if you are interested in other insurance American Income Life can offer to you. As a member of the North Dakota EMS Association you will still receive the $3,500 Death and Dismemberment benefit even if you do not return the card. If you are contacted by American Income Life regarding other insurance options you can say no and your benefits will not be affected.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this benefit, please call the office at 701-221-0567 or email  

2017 Stars of Life


On January 31, 2017, NDEMSA will be hosting the biennial celebration of the Stars of EMS.The Stars of Life is a biennial celebration to recognize and reward those individuals who epitomize the mission of EMS. It is also an opportunity to educate the public and our legislators of the role EMS plays in providing first-class healthcare.

The event starts with EMS and Hospital Day at the Capitol with lunch and a medal ceremony held early afternoon. This is also an opportunity for the stars to speak with their local legislators. The Day at the Capitol allows healthcare professionals to share the struggles and rewards of serving in North Dakota.


The evening of the 31st  involves a social gathering with government leaders, other Stars, Association Board Members, and other EMS personnel, and was followed by dinner and the presentation of the stars!

Good candidates for the Stars of Life are individuals who show a strong commitment and enthusiasm for EMS in North Dakota and genuinely embody the spirit of our industry.Candidates can be Paramedics, EMTs, First Responders, drivers, dispatchers, and other operations personnel who continually go above and beyond the call of duty.   

NDEMSA is now accepting nominations.

To nominate an individual complete the Nomination Form and write a brief bio about the candidate.  This bio will be used for the program book and might describe the reason the individual is being honored, work experience, distinguishing personal traits, an event or experience that exhibits the Star’s
commitment and courage, etc.  Mail the Nomination Form, bio, and the sponsorship fee to the NDEMSA office and you have created a Star!  You will  also have to submit a color photo, head shot only, before
January 4, 2017.  Do not miss your chance to create a Star!  You will not have this
opportunity again until 2019!  A limit of 15 Stars will be honored in the 2017 ceremony.

The nomination fee of $200.00 includes two banquet tickets a single room for the Star, and two breakfast tickets. Extra banquet tickets can be purchased for $25.00 a ticket.

Click here for the brochure or nominate your Star online

Upcoming NDEMSA Events

December 31, 2016 All NDEMSA Board

Nominations Due

January 13-15, 2017 SE Conference,

Jamestown, ND

January 28-29, 2017 NW Conference, Minot ND

January 31, 2017 EMS Day at the Capitol -

Stars of Life Celebration

NDEMSA Board Meeting

February 18-19, 2017 NW Conference,

Grand Forks, ND

March 1, 2017 All Award Nominations Due

April 6-8, 2017 42nd EMS Rendezvous Conference

 Bismarck. ND

June 5-6, 2017 3rd Annual Management Conference

September 29- October 1, 2017 SW Conference, Medora, ND

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