North Dakota EMS Association 


NDEMSA has secured continuing education credits for Law Enforcement from the ND POST Board.  If you are taking advantage of these hours, please sign-in on the POST registration sheet Daily.  A new sheet is available for each day.


The ND Board of Nursing has approved 21.58 contact hours for the 43rd annual EMS Rendezvous.To take advantage of the nursing hours, you must attend select sessions to obtain the necessary credits.  Approved sessions include:


Post Resuscitation

Surprise! What Do I Do with That

Every Breath You Take: The Most Common Respiratory Diagnosis

Pain Management

How Dirty Are You

One Pill One Kill: Deadly Pediatric Poisonings

All Shook Up: Seizures

Stroke Severity Triage Scales and Large Vessel Occlusions

The Incredible Hulk

Basic 12 Lead Interpretation

Waiting to Exhale: Capnography

Toxic Avenger: Sepsis

Recreational Pharmaceuticals

But We Have Always Done it This Way

Ventricular Assist Devices


The Magic Behind the Medicine

Here I Come Ready or Not

That’s a Shocker

Killer Bees: Anaphylaxis

Gimme Some Sugar


The ND Board of Social Work Examiners has approved six contact hours and one Ethics hour for the EMS Rendezvous. Social Workers must attend approved session to earn credit hours.

Selected sessions are:

Suicides of EMS (Healthcare) Providers: Increasing Awareness and How to Help Before It's Too Late

Better Mental Through a Creative Mind

Into the Tunnel-Tunnel Vision Stress Response

Death and Dying

The Problem Child

Readin and Rightin: Documentation and How to Write It Right

The Ethical Dilemma: Ethics Outside the Box.

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