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Statewide Awards

Each year the North Dakota EMS Conference and Tradeshow Annual Awards Banquet the North Dakota EMS Association recognizes those individuals who have made significant contributions to the provision, development and improvement to local, regional, and state prehospital care. Recognition is a significant part of bringing public awareness and support to North Dakota's EMS system. More importantly, it is a great way to let those we work beside know they are appreciated and that their dedication is noticed.

Below are the award categories for the Statewide Awards. If you know an individual that fits the desired characteristics let them know you appreciate their contributions by nominating them for an award.

All awards nominations must be received by the Association no later than 5:00 pm (central time) on February 21.

Nominations can be submitted online below each individual category.

Media Award

The Media Award was established to honor media organizations or employees that significantly contribute to the image of EMS or to public education about emergency medicine in their communities or across the state. Any newspaper, magazine, television station, radio station or other media source, or an employee thereof, that promotes EMS related activity in the state in a positive manner qualifies for this award.

Media Award Nomination-Online

Medical Director of the Year

A Medical Director whose knowledge and expertise have made significant contributions to the quality of prehospital care in North Dakota is a desired nominee for this award. The intent of the Medical Director of the Year Award is to recognize an EMS Medical Director who has contributed to the provision, development and improvement of prehospital care and EMS education in their communities.

Medical Director of the Year Nomination- Online

Provider of the Year

The North Dakota EMS Provider of the Year is an individual who has selflessly devoted a tremendous amount of personal time to the local and state provision, development and improvement of prehospital care, as well as EMS education in their community. The nominee must be a current member of the North Dakota EMS Association.

Provider of the Year Nomination- Online        

Table of Honor

The Honoring Our Own-Table of Honor is a moving ceremony paying tribute and respect to those volunteer and career EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement personnel who are no longer with us. If you know of someone who has passed away in the last ten years and was part of our family please help us honor them. Please note that their death does not have to be in the line of duty to be featured in this presentation.  To ensure the family has had enough time, we will not take nominations for those who passed in the same year as the Table of Honor the nomination is submitted. 

Table of Honor Nomination- Online    

Distinguished Service Recognition

This recognition has been developed to recognize those EMS providers who have served their community the longest. In order to qualify, the individual must still be certified (at any level), the certification must have been maintained for consecutive years and the individual must have no less than 25 years of service. This recognition has been changed, and is now offered every year.

Distinguished Service Recognition  Nomination- Online       

Grace Knapp Award

All members of the North Dakota EMS Association are eligible to receive the Grace Knapp Award. This award recognizes an individual who has significantly contributed to achieving the mission of the North Dakota EMS Association. Their contributions may have been made through a position held with the North Dakota EMS Association or through a close working relationship with the organization.

Nominations must be made by a current member of the Board of Directors who has completed at least one full elected term of office. If you know someone who should be considered for the Grace Knapp Award please contact one of the members of the Board of Directors.

Grace Knapp Award Nomination- Online       

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