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July 2016
From the President

The theme, In Service to Others..., has been something I've tried to incorporate more into my work each day.  Remembering that I have the chance to help someone else who may be experiencing the worst moment of their lives.  Moreover, it is the examples I see every day on the ambulance and the ER by professionals at every level who motivate me to better care for the persons we serve.   Abraham Lincoln said, “Next to creating a life the finest thing a man can do is save one.”  We all create that opportunity by answering a call for help.  Whether it's doing CPR or holding a hand, we are working to make someone's day better.  Thank you for serving others in your community!

I also want to say Thank You to everyone that has taken the time to be part of the Future of EMS in North Dakota public forums.  We have heard from providers across the state and we appreciate your willingness to take part.  There has been a lot of good discussion on what we can do to address the issues affecting EMS and how we may positively create change, but there's still a great deal to do.  Please continue to be part of that ongoing process to help your service meet its future needs.

There is one remaining Future of EMS in North Dakota meeting left on July 19th in Fargo.  We hope you will consider attending that event and share your concerns, your ideas on improving our system, your suggestions for the legislative session, and how we may shape North Dakota EMS for the future.

The ND EMS Association and the ND DEMS will also be setting up several regional meetings with Critical Access Hospitals and EMS agencies in July and August.  Topics affecting both entities will be presented.  If you have questions or an idea that should be discussed please contact myself, your regional director or one of the regional advisors Jim Demell or Lynn Hartman  Watch the North Dakota EMS web site for additional information. 

Thank you and have a great summer! 

Jim Restemayer

From the Instructor Coordinator

Greetings fellow EMS providers,

On June 27th we had our first Million Hearts and Blood Pressure training in Bismarck. Health Care providers from Dickinson, Fargo, Rugby, Oakes, Powers Lake and Grand Forks attended. The ND Department of Health Division of Emergency Medical Systems and the AHA sponsored this training. Soon this program will be available in the Cardiac Ready Communities.

On June 6th & 7th the EMS Management conference was held at the Ramada Hotel in Bismarck. Approximately 75 EMS managers/supervisors attended this two-day conference listening and discussing management topics with National and local speakers.

We will be offering an Escaping Violent Encounters for EMS and Fire course (E.V.E) in Bismarck at the Ramada Hotel on August 9th & 10th and at FM Ambulance in Fargo on August 11th & 12th. This 16 hour training course is a liability-conscious, risk management best practice approach to patient and visitor assault prevention and response. It is limited to 24 participants. For more information, you can go to Registration is now available on our web site. Post Board credits are available for Law Enforcement.

Until next time, have a safe summer and remember, recruiting new NDEMSA members is a good idea.

Randal Severson

Education Coordinator




Two upcoming EVE Training Courses will be offered in North Dakota this August!

August 9-10, 2016 --- 16 Hour EMS/Fire EVE course in Bismarck

August 11-12, 2016 --- 16 Hour EMS/Fire EVE course in Fargo

Click here for the August courses brochure 

Click here to Register

For more information or Descriptions of the course outline click here

What is EVE4EMS/Fire Training?                               

- Are your EMS and Firefighters punched or hit by patients/family members?

- Does your training include how to reasonably respond to different types of assault to control liability?

- Would a negligence lawsuit damage the reputation of your Department?

Escaping Violent Encounters for EMS/Fire (EVE4EMS/Fire) training is a liability-conscious, risk management best practice approach to patient and visitor assault prevention and response.

EVE4EMS/Fire Training:

* Assists in reducing risk of assaults  

* Reduces FF/EMS fear of personal injury on staff

* Minimizes injuries to staff and patients  

* Helps prevent negligence lawsuits

* Aids in controlling overall liability          

* Meets OSHA or your state equivalent

EVE4EMS/Fire participants learn:

* The catalysts and situations that increase potential patient assaults        *Tactics of assault prevention

* The difference between a patient and an attacker                                    *Liability-conscious defense/escape skills

* Media and legal aspects of assault and key definitions                            *Assault reporting/documentation best practices

* Assault Response Guidelines that reduce risk of FF/EMS over-responding to an assault

* Post-assault best practices

For more information about the EVE4EMS/Fire Training, visit the EVE website

What is EVE4HP Training?

Recognizing emergency department staff face the same violent attacks and use-of-force (restraint situations) as EMS, DT4EMS, LLC obtained a medical director in 2004 to assist in guiding the direction of EVE4HP.  Dr. Aaron Newton, MD along with various ED nurses and hospital administrators provided information needed for DT4EMS, LLC to create EVE4HP.

EVE4HP is an 8-hour course covering the basic skills required by any healthcare provider when facing possible, or even imminent assault. The course content consists of:

  • Before you enter the room or home. (Pre-Planning)
  • Verbal skills to diffuse potentially violent encounters.
  • Entrance/exit plan
  • Recognize the difference between a patient and an attacker/aggressor.
  • Pre-assault indicators. (bystanders, body language, situational survey)
  • The 6 D’s (Drugged, Domestic, Diabetic, Deranged, Drunk and Desperate) and what to look for in each.
  • Legal aspects of self-defense and patient restraint
  • Mental preparation (survival mindset, understanding stress and its effects)
  • Documentation skills (using the DT4EMS assault response form)
  • Courtroom demeanor
  • Good customer service
  • Assault response guidelines (levels of force)
  • Critical thinking problem-solving
  • Escapes from various grabs/holds
  • Easy to learn and retain "drills" to reinforce reaction timing
  • Training in the 4 specific areas of self-defense

The Last Future of EMS Meeting will be Held July 19th

Skills and Tech Center / NDSCS, Fargo, ND

EMS systems across the country are facing a number of challenges:
• Declining volunteer numbers
• Pending regulations
• Training challenges
• Integration into the healthcare system

Meeting Agenda and Schedule:

4:00pm (CST)  State EMS Updates & EMS Planning/System Development Exercise

5:30pm (CST)  Meal provided to the invited attendees with continued discussion

6:15pm (CST)  Public and invited guests - doors open

6:30pm (CST)  The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:

Overview of ND EMS, Future of EMS, EMS Clinical Performance & Oversight, and the Legislative Perspective.

  To RSVP, go to

Upcoming NDEMSA Events

July 19, 2016 The Last Future of EMS Panel Discussion, Fargo ND

August  9-10, 2016 Escaping Violent Encounters (E.V.E.)  Course, Bismarck ND

August  11-12, 2016 Escaping Violent Encounters (E.V.E.)  Course, Fargo, ND

September 23-25 2016 SW Conference,Medora ND

December 31, 2016 All NDEMSA Board Nominations Due

January 21-22, 2017 SE Conference,Jamestown, ND

January 28-29, 2017 NW Conference, Minot ND

January 31, 2017 EMS Day at the Capitol - Stars of Life Celebration

February 18-19, 2017 NW Conference,Grand Forks ND

March 1, 2017 All Award Nominations Due

April 6-8, 2017 42nd EMS Rendezvous Conference, Bismarck ND

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